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Homicide #1875-xx

Date - 1875-09-15

Victim - Assiniboine Indians at the Cypress Hills Massacre
Accused - HUGHES, James; VOGEL, Philander; BELL, George M.
Charge - Murder

The preliminary examination of George M. Bell, for the murder of Assiniboine Indians, terminated to-day, and he was committed for trial.

(September 9, 1875. pp3) Daily Free Press.

Court of Queen's Bench Monday, October 11

(Excerpt from large article)

Four cases appear on the calendar for offences committed in tho North-west territory and beyond the bounds of the Province, but over which by statute this court has jurisdiction. I am sorry to have to say all those cases are for murder. James Hughes, Philander Vogel and George M Bell stand charged with the murder of several Indian men, women and children at Cypress Hills in the Northwest territory in the month of May 1873. We all recollect the shudder of horror with which shortly after the bloody tragedy we received the intelligence of the wanton and atrocious slaughter, by a lawless band of whites. chiefly from Fort Benton, of the Assiniboine Indians peacefully encamped at Cypress Hills, having given no cause of offence, and all unsuspecting any attack, and whose first intimation of danger was the sharp rattle of the deadly repeating rifle from a treacherous and concealed foe. It was stated that some forty or more were shot down in cold blood. Indictments for complicity in this murder will be laid before you against the three persons whom I have named, and who have been brought upwards of a thousand miles across the plains and lodged in the Winnipeg goal.

(October 12, 1875. pp5). Daily Free Press.