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Archive - 1898

Homicide #1898-xx

Date - 1898-10-14*

Victim - BOJECKO, Wasyl (45)
Victim - BOJECKO, Peter (10)
Victim - BOJECKO, Domka (Tomka) (8)
Victim - BOJECKO, Anna (5)
Victim - BOJECKO, Jurko (Torka) (3)

Accused - CZUBEJ, Simeon (??)
Accused - GUSZCZAK, Wazyl (??)

Charge - Murder

On October 14th, 1898 the Bojecko family were brutally killed when they were shot and axed by Simeon Czubej and Wazyl Guszczak. With this horrendous act Czubej and Guszczak became Manitoba's first mass murders.

Guszcak's trial took place on March 15th, 1899 and Czubej's trial between March 20th - 21st, 1899 in the Court of Queen's Bench with Judge Killam residing for both trials. Czubej and Guszczak, described in court documents as Galician were found guilty with no recommendation of mercy from the Judge, and sentenced to hang on May 26th, 1899.

The orders in court of May 20th and May 22nd, 1899 upheld the sentences and the two were hanged together on May 27th, 1899 at the Eastern Judicial District Gaol.