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Archive - 1912

Homicide #1912-xx

Date - 1912-12-23

Victim - Willis, Ethel Victoria (3 months)
Accused - Pople, Victor Cyril (22)
Charge - Murder

On December 23rd, 1912, three month old infant, Ethel Victoria Willis was killed by Victor Cyril Pople (22).

A trial was held at the Court of King's Bench, between June 24-25, 1912 with Judge Mathers residing.

Pople was found guilty with no recommendation of mercy and sentenced to hang on September 9, 1913.

Eva Willis, the mother of the victim, was also arrested but acquitted at another trial.

By order of the court on December 15, 1913, Pople's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment at the Stony Mountain Penitentiary.