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Archive - 1914

Homicide #1914-xx

Date - 1914-10-28

Victim - MCCOLM, John J. (49)
Accused - MASON, Harry (alias Hamilton; Peacock; Mason, Stephen) (20) and BEGGS, Grace (??)
Charge - Murder

On October 28th, 1914 in St. Boniface, Manitoba, Harry Mason, who was a boxer, beat John J. McColm to death during a robbery. Grace Beggs was also accused of the same crime.

The trial occured between December 2nd - 17th, 1914 in the Court of King's Bench with Judge Mathers residing.

With a recommendation of mercy from the Judge, Mason was sentenced to hang on March 12th, 1915.

By the order of court on March 10th, 1915, Mason had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment at the Stony Mountain Penitentiary.