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Archive - 1918

Homicide #1918-xx

Date - 1918-04

Victim - SNOWDEN (Snowdon), Constable Bernard (30)
Accused - JOHNSTON, Phillip (33), SULLIVAN, Frank (47), STOIKE, John Edward (youth) (16)
Charge - Murder

On April 5th, 1918, Constable Bernard Snowdon was working the night shift Main Street beat when he came upon a break-in. He entered the building unaware that there were two men inside and a lookout outside. The lookout followed him inside, where he was shot in the back and died instantly.

The failure of Constable Snowdon to make his hourly call on the police signal system caused other officers to check his beat and his body was discovered. The quick response of the whole Detective Department soon lead to the arrest of the three responsible males.

Johnston's trial took place between June 26th - 27th, 1918 in the Court of King's Bench with Judge Metcalfe residing.

Stoike's trail took place between July 2nd - 4th, 1918 with Judge Metcalfe also residing.

Sullivan's trial was held between July 8th - 12th with the same Judge.

Johnston, Sullivan and Stoike were all found guilty and sentenced to hang on September 27th, 1918.

By the order of the court on September 24th Johnston and Sullivan were hanged on October 2nd, 1918 at the Comon Gaol in Winnipeg. The third accused, Stoike, who was a youth, had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment at the Stony Mountain Penitentiary.