1926-xx Update



Archive - 1926

Homicide #1926-xx

Date - 1926-03-16

Victim - Cardno, Annie (50)
Accused - Prockiw (Prociev), Daniel (48)
Charge - Murder

On March 16th, 1926, Daniel Prockiw, beat his common-law wife, Annie Cardno to death.

A trial was held between June 7th - 8th, 1926 in the Court of King's Bench with Judge D.A. Macdonald residing.

With no recommendation of mercy, Prockiw was found guilty and sentenced to hang on August 25th, 1926.

An order of the court on August 18th, 1926 upheld the sentence and Prockiw was hanged on August 25th at the Provincial Gaol in Winnipeg. Prockiw was decapitated in the hanging.