1927 Update

Added Cowan and Patterson, vicitims of the Earle "The Strangler" Nelson

Added Lottie Adams, victim of Albert Westgage.

Archive - 1927

In 1927, there were only four murder charges laid in Manitoba. Two of the charges resulted in acquital and one was "Detained for Lunacy".

There was only one manslaughter charge which resulted in acquital.

A charge of murder in the death of Lottie Adams was not laid until 1928 and therefore not included in the statistics for 1927.

The one murder charge (or double murder) that did result in a conviction and death sentence, was one of the most sensational murder cases in North America and one of the first reported serial sex killers, that of Earle Leonard Nelson aka "The Dark Strangler" or "The Gorilla Killer". Nelson was linked to 22 murders across North America and sentenced to death in Winnipeg for the killings of fourteen year-old Lola Cowan and Emily Patterson.

1927.06.09 COWAN, Lola (14) Nelson, Earle Death (Hanging)
1927.06.10 PATTERSON, Emily Thompson (27) Nelson, Earle Death (Hanging)

Incident count complete.
Details complete.

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