1934-xx Update



Archive - 1934

Homicide #1934-xx

Date - 1934-07-24

Victim - Verne, Sgt. John (40) (St. Boniface Police Department)
Accused - Jayhan, George Donald (alias Shea; Zeha) (34)
Charge - Murder

On July 24th, 1934, Sgt. John Verne of the St. Boniface Police Department was shot and killed while chasing suspect George Jayhan behind the C.N.R. station.

The license number of the getaway car was called in to the police station and broadcast immediately using the newly installed one-way broadcast system. One of the radio equipped cars was on Main Street at Bannatyne as it was broadcast and the wanted car passed right in front of them crossing Bannatyne. A short chase ensued and Jayhan was captured.

Jayhan, who was described as a drug addict and a thief was a Canadian of German origin, employed as a salesman.

The trial occured between November 12th - 13th, 1934 in the Court of King's Bench with Judge W.J. Donovan residing. With no recommendation of mercy, Jayhan was found guilty and sentenced to hang on February 12th, 1935.

By the order of court on February 6th, 1935, Jayhan was hanged on February 12th, 1935 at the Headingly Gaol.