1940-xx Update



Archive - 1940

Homicide #1940-xx

Date - 1940-04-15

Victim - Harrop, George (58)
Accused - Harrop, Frances (47)
Charge - Murder

On April 15th, 1940, Frances Harrop shot and killed her husband George Harrop.

In the police report Harrop stated, "It was a case of him taking my life or me taking his." (Frigon,1995)

The trial took place between May 7th - 8th, 1940 at the Court of King's Bench with Judge A.K. Dysart residing. With a recommendation of mercy from the Judge, Harrop was sentenced to hang on July 26th, 1940.

Mrs. Harrop was the first woman to be tried for murder in Manitoba since December, 1914.

There was a new trial and Harrop's sentence was commuted.**

** Missing information on new trial outcome.