1940-xx Update



Archive - 1941

Homicide #1941-xx

Date - 1941-12-10

Victim - Infant (9 months)
Accused - Stasiuk, Rose (19)
Charge - Murder

On December 10th, 1941, Rose Stasiuk murdered her 9 month old illegitimate child. Stasiuk is described in court documents as single, Canadian of Ukranian origin.

A trial was held February 3-5, 1941, at the Court of King's Bench with Judge E.A. McPherson residing.

Stasiuk was found guilty with a recommendation of mercy.

A new trial was held and Stasiuk was sentenced to a lesser charge.

(no reports of Stasiuk being hanged, but no report of the lesser sentence...need more detail.)

* Incomplete information (contact me if you have details)