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Archive - 1946

Homicide #1946-xx

Date - 1946-05-20

Victim - Herman, Rachel (60)
Accused - Goodman, Abraham (65)
Charge - Murder

On May 20th, 1946, Rachel Herman was struck with a hatchet and killed by Abraham Goodman. Goodman (65), a Russian Jew, was employed as a Baker and widowed.

The trial took place October 8th - 10th, 1946 in the Court of King's Bench, with Judge J.E. Adamson residing.

With a recommendation of mercy from the Judge, Goodman was found guilty and sentenced to hang on December 27th, 1946.  

On November 30th, 1946 his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment at the Stony Mountain Penitentiary.