1946-xx Update



Archive - 1946

Homicide #1946-xx

Date - 1946-03-31

Victim - Johnson, Johann (??)
Accused - Deacon, Lawrence (35)
Charge - Murder

On March 31st, 1946, Johann Johnson was beaten to death by Lawrence Deacon. Deacon (35), British, was a salesman, seperated from his wife.

The trial took place October 29th - November 4th, 1947 in the Court of King's Bench, with Judge E.K. Williams residing.

Deacon was found guilty and sentenced to hang on January 21st, 1948. There was a second trial on April 9th, 1948 which upheld the original verdict and on April 16, 1948 Deacon was hanged at the District Gaol in Headingly, Manitoba.