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Archive - 1949

Homicide #1949-xx

Date - 1949-09-12

Victim - SADOVA, Dora (??)
Accused - LUSANKO, William (20)
Charge -Murder

On September 12th, 1949, Dora Sadova was suffocated to death by William Lusanko. The twenty year old Lusanko was reported in court documents as a Canadian of Ukranian origin, single and employed as a labourer.

The motive of the murder was that of robbery..

The trial was held between February 20th - 23rd, 1950 in the Court of King's Bench with Judge W.J. Major residing. Lurvey was found guilty and sentenced to hang on May 4th, 1950.

An Order of Court on March 27th, 1950 upheld the sentence and on May 9th, 1950 Lusanko was hanged at the Common Gaol in Headingly, Manitoba.