1955-xx Update



Archive - 1955

Homicide #1955-xx

Date - 1955-05-28

Victim - Wolrich, Harry James (??)
Accused - Hambleton, Donald Earl (26)
Charge - Murder

On May 28th, 1955, Harry James Wolrich was struck with metal clamp and killed by Harry James Wolrich. Wolrich was described in court documents as single.

The trial took place October 17th - 25th, 1955 in the Court of Queen's Bench with Judge Ralph Maybank residing. There was a recommendation by the Judge for mercy.

Hambleton was found guilty and sentenced to hang on January 11th, 1956. On January 5th, 1956 Hambleton's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment at the Stoney Mountain Penitentiary.