2007-08 Update


Updated arrest information.

Archive - 2007

Homicide #2007-08

Date - 2007-03-27

Victim - Kolesnyk, Alexander (57)
Accused - Saleh-Azad, Ahmed (61)
Charge - Deceased (police gunfire)

On March 27th, 2007 at 7:55 a.m., members of the Winnipeg Police Service responded to a 911 call regarding a stabbing at a group residence in the 200 block of Evanson Street.

Suspect, Ahmed Saleh-Azad (61) armed with a knife had attacked a number of other residents in a common area of the building, fatally stabbing one male. The victim has been identified as Alexander Kolesnyk (57).

Upon arrival, police were confronted by an armed Saleh-Azad resulting in an officer discharging his firearm and fatally injuring the suspect.