2007-14 Update


Viner charged

Archive - 2007

Homicide #2007-14

Date - 2007-07-15

Victim - Kinch, Aynsley Aurora (35)
Accused - Viner, Stanton Burlen (49) (charged Sept 18th)
Charge - 2nd Degree Murder

Walking her dog Sunday morning in a field near Murray Avenue, a woman stumbled upon a curled up body. She could not tell if the person was still alive so she immediately returned home and contacted police.

Dressed in black clothing at the time, Police have identified the body as that of Aynsley Aurora Kinch (35) who may have been a prostitute known as Charlotte. Kinch was known to be seen in the area of Selkirk and Burrows, and also streets McKenzie and Parr.

A source of the Free Press said she had been strangled.

Kinch was last seen on Friday, July 13th at about 4 p.m.


On September 17th, police arrested a 49-year-old man in relation to the killing of Aynsley Kinch. The man is described in a Winnipeg Free Press article as a career criminal and went on to say the victim and the accused had a relationship of some sort. They allege he was a customer of Kinch.

Stanton Burlen Viner has been charged with the 2nd Degree Murder of Kinch.

Police reported that Viner had actually been arrested on an another charge on July 19th, four days after Kinch's body was found. He has been remanded since this arrest on the 19th at the Headingly Correctional Centre. Viner was arrested at the Headingly Centre and formally charged on Tuesday, Sept 18th.

Previous media reports have described Kinch, mother of three, as a street prostitute of ten years with a crippling crack cocaine addiction.

There was a lot of press surrounding this crime,with some speculating that a serial killer has been targetting prostitutes in the city. The police have tried to allay those fears and released information that Viner was in jail when another 17 year old was killed in August. The police state that the evidence does not point to one person being responsible for the murder of several sex trade workers over the past 25 years.