2007-15 Update



Archive - 2007

Homicide #2007-15

Date - 2007-07-20

Victim - Guimonde, Gage (2)
Accused - Guimonde, Shirley (52)
Charge - Manslaughter

On July 20th, shortly after 1:00pm, a two year old child was rushed to hospital after falling down a flight of stairs at a home in the 600 block of Magnus Avenue. He was in critical condition. The boy died two days later.

Paramedics had noticed bruises on the boy that police believe occured before the fall. Upon further investigation the child's Great Aunt, Shirley Guimonde (52) was charged with Criminal Negligence Cause Bodily Harm and Assault Cause Bodily Harm x2 (the boy's three year old sister was also allegedly abused).

A few days after the boy's death, on July 26th, the Criminal Negligence charge against Shirley Guimonde was changed to Manslaughter.