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Archive - 2007

Homicide #2007-16

Date - 2007-07-27

Victim - Hall, Kristi (36)
Accused - Swampy, Christine (22), Female (15), Female (15)
Charge - 2nd Degree Murder

On Friday, July 27th, at approximately 11:30pm, police were called to 270 St. John's Avenue, an apartment block on the corner of St. John's Avenue and Main Street. Residents of the area describe a vicious assault which resulted in the stabbing death of Kristi Hall (36).

In critical condition with stab wounds to her upper body, Hall was taken to hospital in critical condition, where she later died.

A newspaper report on July 29th, recounts an eyewitness report from a 2nd floor tenant of the block. The witness states that Hall was standing outside the block when she was attacked by three women. One of the women had been kicked out of a 3rd floor party earlier in the evening for making repeated requests for crack. The witness went on to say that the women left the area and returned with three friends uttering threats. One of the women approached Hall and stabbed her in the ribs with a steak knife. The witness stated that Hall managed to pulled the knife out on her own.

Three young women were arrested and charged on Saturday, July 28th, with the 2nd Degree Murder of Hall. Charged are a Christine Swampy (22) and two youths (both 15).

On August 2nd, Christine Swampy was granted release on bail.